Security Consulting Services

      Since 1990, security conscious companies have turned to Aurora for support of their business-critical applications. Aurora’s highly trained sales and engineering teams combine to uniquely position the company as a single source security consulting services provider. Aurora Security Consulting Services operates in three business units:

      • Enterprise: we specialize in commercial, enterprise, and mid-market clients
      • State Local, Education: Aurora maintains numerous CMAS Contracts, SLPs and NASPO agreements frequently used as purchasing vehicles for state, local and educational institutions
      • Federal Government: we are on multiple GWACs including SEWP and STARS II to make it easy for federal customers to work with us

      In each of these three business units, we have dedicated resources that focus on:

      Security Consulting Services – such as penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, gap analysis and security strategy

      Remediation – our highly trained engineers work with a set of premium partners to bring you leading edge cyber security solutions

      Aurora’s Security Consulting Services team provides the expertise and analysis to help you enhance your IT security posture, reduce your information security risk, facilitate compliance requirements and improve your overall operational efficiency.

      There are numerous advantages to working with Aurora Security Consulting Services:

      Our customers rely on Aurora’s decades of experience in Information Technology to navigate complex cybersecurity challenges.

      We invest heavily in training, certifications, testing, research, and in-house labs. Our highly experienced Sales and Engineers teams have a thorough understanding of security solutions and product interdependencies.

      We put our customers’ needs first, educating our customers on the latest technology and product road maps, addressing key business requirements and then working with your team to ensure a successful outcome.

      Aurora’s expertise is well recognized in both Commercial and Government settings. Our team is equipped with manufacturer and industry certifications for dozens of cyber security disciplines. Public Sector accounts can leverage numerous specialized contract awards and competencies listed on our website.

      Aurora’s offering includes cybersecurity risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, application code review, security gap assessment, phishing simulation risk assessment, penetration testing assessment, security training, and regulatory compliance.

      Aurora Security Consulting Services can sell and deploy partner solutions including Symantec, McAfee, Sophos, Tenable, and Okta.

      We have helped a variety of customers design their strategic security programs, assess and test their defenses, resolve critical information security breaches, and meet their compliance mandates.

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