Self-Evaluate Your Security Posture

Having a healthy cybersecurity posture is essential to protect your organization from attacks, obtain cyber insurance, and for some industries, continue operating as a business. Ransomware and other costly cybersecurity attacks are now a daily occurrence and have affected organizations of all kinds. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that ransomware will cost $6 trillion annually in 2021 and onward. As the demand for cyber insurance grows, the requirements to obtain insurance are also increasing. Although there is not a one size fits all rulebook for having healthy cybersecurity posture, there are certain controls and solutions that are recommended.

Complete the form below to see how many of these essential cybersecurity practices are in your organization’s IT environment. Our team at Aurora can help you fill the gaps in your security portfolio, better preventing your organization from attacks. Contact us to learn more.

#1. Is there an email security tool implemented?

#2. Are you using Multifactor Authentication (MFA)?

#3. Do you have backups and recovery in place?

#4. Do you have cybersecurity best practices implemented?

#5. Do you have a network protection solution?

#6. Do you have frequent employee training in place?

#7. Do you conduct training specifically around phishing?

#8. Have you conducted a vulnerability scan in the past 6 months?

#9. Have you conducted a cybersecurity risk analysis in the past 6 months?

#10. Do you have an incident response plan?

#11. Do you have vendor management controls?

#12. Are you compliant with your industry’s cybersecurity standards?



Depending on Your Industry, Your Security Posture Should be Strong Enough to Receive Cyber Insurance

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