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July 2011

Filling the Holes

Computerworld magazine published an insightful piece on six enterprise security leaks that should be addressed. Read the piece here: (https://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9189738/Six_enterprise_security_leaks_you_should_plug_now?taxonomyId=17pageNumber=1) The list begins with unauthorized smartphones on Wi-Fi networks. While many companies have introduced policies prohibiting employees from using personal devices at the office, it is commonplace for workers to sneak in a phone call…

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A Face in the Crowd

While many of us can’t even remember what the business world was like in the pre-Internet era, the transfer of so much of our personal and professional information into a virtual online world is really still in its infancy compared to the other forms of communication that have existed for centuries. Why is this important?…

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