Just Another Day

Companies and municipal organizations that braced themselves on September 24, concerned about cyber-attacks launched by the hacker group Anonymous, are breathing easier now. As it turned out, their threatened “Day of Vengeance” was just another day.

Anonymous had allied itself with political groups that participated in September demonstrations against Wall Street and the banking industry. Controversy surrounded these protests when law enforcement began arresting any demonstrators wearing a mask.

So, under the guise of standing with these protestors, Anonymous announced a nationwide “Day of Vengeance,” to take place in dozens of cities across the United States. In conjunction with the protests, a statement from the group said a “series of cyber attacks against various targets including Wall Street, corrupt banking institutions – and the NYC Police Department” will be launched.

And then – nothing happened. Maybe there was a Star Trek marathon on that day and the hackers found something better to do.

As with other terrorist organizations, every threat must be taken seriously. That includes those from overgrown adolescents who are fond of such grandiose statements as “We Are Anonymous – We Are Everywhere – We Are Legion – We Never Forget – We Never Forgive.” Fortunately, most plots are discovered and stopped before they can take place. Many more are just so much hot air.

The problem is that a few are real, and some get through. But when non-events such as the Day of Vengeance fizzle out, it may reinforce the complacence among some company CEOs who think “That couldn’t happen here.”

And when that type of thinking sets in, data encryption or compliance with industry standards remains a low priority as “more important” business concerns are addressed. But all it takes is one breach to result in significant damage, financial losses and furious customers.

Blocking malicious attacks takes pro-active solutions. Aurora is ready to review your Web security to assess vulnerability from attacks both inside and out.


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