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June 2013

Laptop encryption – A CEO’s perspective

5 Reasons why you need to strategize about Managed  Laptop encryption: I am often asked about IT best practices by my peers and invariably the discussion steers towards encryption, especially the importance of Laptop Encryption. We are  well aware about the need for encryption per se, discussions on the rolling out and managing  encryption, especially…

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To Cloud or not to Cloud

  By Ralph Figueiredo   I recently met with a customer (Referred to as V) who has a very innovative way of running his business. They are a technology company that offers Cloud CRM specifically developed for the Life Sciences Industry and Healthcare Companies. This high tech company has approximately 500 employees globally, is headquartered…

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5 Reasons for a Full Disk Laptop Encryption Hosted Service

5 Reasons for a full disk laptop encryption hosted service Leverage the knowledge of best practice settings and configurations. Aurora® for instance has completed over 400+ encryption deployments, some globally. With over 400+ installations and deployments of on-site full disk and laptop encryption, as well as hosted laptop encryption, your solution would be customized to…

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What is full disk encryption and why businesses need it to protect data.

  By Ralph Figueiredo Full Disk encryption (FDE) is a technology that protects information by converting data into unreadable code that cannot be deciphered easily by unauthorized access. FDE is different from typical application level encryption because it can protect all the data on a device and not just the data within a database or…

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