Why Cybersecurity is Critical to your Business Continuity Plan?

      In 2020, the business continuity plans of most organizations have been put to the test. Many managers are evaluating ways to improve their current business continuity plan, taking time to assess risks we seldom thought about before:
      When hit with a global pandemic, how will we accommodate for the entire company working from home? When hit with increase push for social reform, how will we show support to our employees?

      As you rethink your current Business Continuity Plan, be sure to invest in cybersecurity services to protect your business from attacks.

      When it comes to the security of your organization’s data, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Being hit with a cyberattack can be costly on an organization as recovery takes time, skill, and could leave you missing critical information. Cyberattacks can also negatively impact the credibility of your company in the eyes of your customers.

      Investing in assessments to prevent your company from cyberattacks is crucial to the success of your organization in the long run. Adding cybersecurity services and conducting regular assessments is an essential step to include in your Business Continuity Plan. At Aurora, we will offer consulting to evaluate your organization’s cybersecurity health. We will perform an initial assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of your current cybersecurity plan and see where improvements can be made. To learn more about the consulting services we offer, please email us at sales@aurorait.com.