Are you Vulnerable to Ransomware?

Ransomware seems to be everywhere. We see incidents of ransomware against powerful companies in the news and we even see dramatic portrayals of ransomware attacks on TV. But what exactly is ransomware and how can it be prevented?
Ransomware is a cyberattack, like malware, where the attacker limits the use of your software until a ransom is paid. More recently, modern attackers encrypt your files and ask you to pay in forms of online currency like bitcoin to decrypt the file. This kind of ransomware is categorized as crypto ransomware.

Like any cyber-attack, the effects of a ransomware can be costly for your organization. Even if you pay the ransom, in many cases you will still lose a portion of your data. Many small and medium sized businesses are not prepared for such attack since they do not have the right security services in place. No one is immune to being a victim of a ransomware attack but there are ways to prevent it.

Aurora’s team of engineers provide routine assessments that can ensure that your cyber environment is secure. Incorporating cybersecurity assessments into your organization can help prevent your employees and customers from falling victim to attacks like ransomware. Contact us at sales@aurorait.com to learn more about the consulting services we provide.

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