Are You Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

No organization can be 100% safe from cyber-attacks but conducting regular assessments can help minimize risks. A Vulnerability Assessment is an essential tool in securing your organization. Aurora’s team of engineers will identify the vulnerabilities in your organization’s systems. We will evaluate and assess threats that could do potential harm to your organization’s infrastructure.

Aurora Security Consulting Services can custom build methodologies to utilize your existing resources to help you meet your business goals. Vulnerability assessments are essential as it is the best approach to securing any “low-hanging” risk in your infrastructure. Aurora’s engineers will conduct tests against internet perimeters and internal systems by using real world attack techniques in an automated manner. A Vulnerability Assessment will help you integrate better cybersecurity health into your organization, being better shielded against attacks.

Aurora has a certified ethical hacker on staff to conduct Vulnerability Assessments. Please contact us to schedule an assessment at sales@aurorait.com or call us at 888-282-0696.