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      December 2020

      A word from the CEO: My Big Bets for 2021

      Wow what a year it has been with everyone working from home, good guys and bad, we learned a tough lesson, that security protocols per se were no panacea for cyber vulnerability. Aurora rose to the occasion, we were busy with a series of gap analysis’, security assessments, and long hours of remediation. The usual…

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      Aurora Successfully Deploys Symantec DLP into AWS

      In response to a call to increase security in the cloud, the team at Aurora has been thinking out of the box. Organizations have never relied on the cloud more than they do now, so the old way that we operated cloud security can no longer be accepted. With AWS and Symantec integration, we can…

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      Don’t Gift a Hacker Your Data This Holiday Season: Manage Vulnerabilities with Tenable IO

      The holidays can be a dangerous time for cybersecurity. Between online shopping and increased virtual family meet ups, don’t let your data be vulnerable to cyber-attacks this season. Through custom configuration, strategic remediation planning, detailed reporting, and granular vulnerability analysis, Aurora can provide a unique vulnerability management service to each of our customers with Tenable.…

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