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January 2021

How to Celebrate Data Privacy Day

For Businesses and individuals alike, the data that we store online continues to grow. On Data Privacy Day, we are raising awareness of actionable steps towards protecting the data you and your business have online. What Can I Do as an Individual? Data Privacy Day was created to educate individuals on how to gain better…

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Keep Up with the Vulnerability Management Cycle

Are you securing the low hanging security risk in your environment? Vulnerability assessments can help identify the weaknesses in your security infrastructure so that you can begin a remediation process to improve your security posture. What is the Vulnerability Management Cycle? Vulnerability Management follows a cycle: scan, remediate, rescan, remediate, and so on. First, we…

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You Might Need to Be Performing Pen Tests More Often

Being proactive in your security practices should be a top priority for any organization in a time of increased cyber-attacks. We recommend conducting security assessments often to better protect your data. Penetration tests are a security assessment that we recommend conducting regularly. We’ve found that customers who implement penetration test on a bi-yearly basis have…

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The 3 Most Critical Steps for Your Security Posture

Improving your security posture MUST be on your list of priorities for 2021. Any organization can be a target for a security breach. Although there is no foolproof plan for perfect security posture, conducting key security assessments can help improve security posture and better protect your organization. Aurora provides a portfolio of cybersecurity assessments and…

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