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April 2021

If You’re Reading This, Change Your Password

Is your password still your dog’s name followed by an exclamation point? If so, it’s time to change your password. Far too many people, including employees handling your company’s data, are using weak passwords. The First Thursday of May is also known as World Password Day. In honor of World Password Day, here are some…

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Aurora Systems Consulting, Inc. Joins the Plurilock Security Inc. Family

Acquisition will not significantly alter Aurora’s leadership, sales, or engineering teams but is expected to expand and enhance Aurora product offering, margins. April 1, 2021 — For Immediate Release Torrance, CA—Aurora Systems Consulting, Inc. (“Aurora”), a cybersecurity consulting company, today announced that it has joined the Plurilock Security Inc.(“Plurilock”) family as a part of its…

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Navigating IAM in the Cloud

75% of all cloud security breaches are a result of poor permission management according to Gartner. As your organization continues to work in the cloud, ensuring that you have the right identity access management tools are essential to best protect your organization. Identity access management (IAM) helps to grant access to the right assets for…

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