It’s A Great Time to Be a Hacker

In the past few months, high profile cyberattacks have been affecting oil, government agencies, and the meat industry, to name a few. Hackers are getting more sophisticated and are finding new successes stealing sensitive data. If IT managers can learn anything from these recent cyberattacks, it is to evaluate your own cybersecurity infrastructure and address gaps to best prevent your organization from being the next victim.

Addressing Ransomware
Ransomware is a problem that has affected corporations of all size. We’ve seen public cases of ransomware such as the Colonial Pipeline have a regional impact on an entire industry. Some ways to combat ransomware include keeping your security software up to date, implementing a security awareness program, and only using secure networks to access the web.

Our team at Aurora can help you implement the right solutions and awareness programs to better prevent ransomware from affecting your organization.

Staying Alert During Shifting Environments
As organizations are switching to a hybrid work environment, new cybersecurity risks may arise. Devices will be moving in and out of the company network as the employees move from at home to in office. By shifting networks, each device may be more vulnerable to an attack. Security teams will now have to maintain security for remote workers and office workers without missing necessary threats or patches.

Implementing solutions that integrate with one another can be beneficial for any time that utilizes a hybrid work environment. This can allow your security teams to spend less time managing software and security alerts, and more time responding to potential threats.