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November 2022

Why Every Cybersecurity Person Needs To Think Like a Hacker

Why every cybersecurity person needs to think like a hacker Introduction In the world of football, it is not uncommon to see coaches’ pore over video recordings of opposing teams’ matches in the endeavor to understand their plays, game strategies and strengths and weaknesses. The reason is not difficult to discern. In order that they…

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The Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence One of the most ready references of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at work comes from Netflix’s AI-driven tool – the Netflix Recommendation Engine (1) – that suggests which new film or serial you are likely to enjoy, based on your user profile and rating of other films or serials you’ve seen.…

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Common Causes For Malicious Data Breach

Malicious data breaches – and what you need to know about them Introduction A data breach is a security violation, in which an organization, institution or individual’s confidential data is compromised by a conscious act of malice on the part of an authorized or unauthorized person or set of persons. The act will almost always…

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The Rise of Automotive Hacking

In March 2022, concurrent with Tesla offering free charging of Electrical Vehicles in Ukraine, to help spur residents flee the war-ravaged country, came the announcement of EV stations in Moscow being hacked and disabled. A few years earlier in 2020, engineers stage-managed testing of cyber hacking of EV stations. (1). While it was not disclosed…

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The Cloud Is Also Vulnerable

A good definition of ‘Vulnerability’ where the cloud is concerned comes from Cloud Security Alliance (1). It defines vulnerability as a weakness in the system and not a software bug. For this reason, it can lie dormant till discovered and either remedied or exploited. It is essentially therefore a state waiting to be triggered by…

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