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      Just Another Day

      Companies and municipal organizations that braced themselves on September 24, concerned about cyber-attacks launched by the hacker group Anonymous, are breathing easier now. As it turned out, their threatened “Day…

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      Twitter Hits a Milestone

      How many people thought Twitter was a dumb idea when they first heard of it? Who could have guessed that this 140-character social network would eventually host a presidential town…

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      Paging Dr. Chrono

      Data breaches in the healthcare field are a significant concern that Aurora has tried to not only highlight, but to provide solutions to prevent. We also hear from customers about…

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      Filling the Holes

      Computerworld magazine published an insightful piece on six enterprise security leaks that should be addressed. Read the piece here: (https://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9189738/Six_enterprise_security_leaks_you_should_plug_now?taxonomyId=17pageNumber=1) The list begins with unauthorized smartphones on Wi-Fi networks. While…

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      A Face in the Crowd

      While many of us can’t even remember what the business world was like in the pre-Internet era, the transfer of so much of our personal and professional information into a…

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      Phishing Smarter

      “Phishing” attacks aren’t new. You know the kind…”Craigslist needs you to confirm an account because it’s temporarily suspended” or “Some some person in Nigeria needs you to wire some money…

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      I’m sure this is not the news the shareholders were hoping for days after LinkedIn went public. This vulnerability can affect up to 100 registered users. The vulnerability lies in…

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      Securing the Cloud

      With its advantages in cost, convenience and performance already established, security has become the next battlefront for companies deciding whether a cloud computing solution is right for them. Can sensitive…

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