Data Loss Prevention Solutions

      Data Loss Prevention Consulting Services

      Aurora’s team of engineers provide DLP Services to protect your data. The security industry has evolved to the point where data can now be monitored, blocked and reported. Products such as Vericept and Vontu are attempting to solve these problems from a technology perspective, but any security solution needs to address people, process and technology challenges. When you have information moving both within and outside of your organization, it is difficult to know where your data is and who has access to it. Data Loss Prevention Consulting Services ensure that your sensitive data doesn’t get accessed by unauthorized users.

      Aurora can provide you DLP Services to help your organization more tightly control your data and know where it is, from creation, to modification, to transport, to storage and destruction. This applies to data anywhere from your iPhone, email, or spreadsheets. Aurora’s can help you understand how information moves in and out of your organization. We can develop policies and procedures along with the necessary tools to control your data leakage problems.

      During an Aurora Data Classification Assessment, our skilled engineers will provide: the current and ideal state of the customers data classification and data loss prevention solutions program, insight into data aging, access patterns, and true data ownership based on these patterns, where sensitive data is being stored, what permissions surround this data, and who is accessing it.

      Aurora’s team of engineers will provide recommendations for optimizing the storage within your environment. They will classify existing unstructured data by file, type, age, use, value to business, etc. Utilizing Data Loss Prevention Consulting Services has proven to help organizations achieve greater return on investment. We will also provide a data classification report, detailing structure, use and potential exposure of your valuable data.

      There are many benefits working with Aurora on Data Loss Prevention Consulting Services. It will give you an understanding of where unstructured data resides in the physical architecture of your environment. Additionally, the assessment will relate unstructured data to its applications, from data lifecycle and application criticality perspectives.

      Aurora’s technical assessment runs for two to four weeks depending on the scope of engagement and how much data or usage metrics are required. We will work together to detail the technical requirements including repositories to be scanned and samples of any documents to be collected. We will focus on one to three file share repositories, less than one Terabyte (TB) of total data, three to four data loss prevention policies.

      DLP Services can be integrated with other solutions in your environment such as CASB to extend policies to the cloud. Learn more here.

      At the end of the engagement, Aurora will provide the customer with a data classification technical assessment report detailing the findings from the engagement. This includes remediation paths and next steps to minimize risks. Raw data reports can also be provided to allow for immediate action on high risk repositories. To schedule an assessment, contact Aurora at sales@auroarit.com or call us at 888-282-0696. Our team looks forward to helping you navigate the security of your sensitive data.

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