Simplify your compliance needs and secure your confidential data.

If federal regulators audited your organization for HIPAA compliance would you pass? From encryption to security awareness training, understanding and following the rules of HIPAA is essential for the well-being of an organization.

HIPAA is steadily becoming more complicated as threats to security advance. With an ever-increasing threat of attacks and evolving healthcare mandates (including HIPAA regulations and the HITECH Act), it’s challenging at best to balance security concerns with maintaining exemplary patient care. Furthermore, failing to align your organization with the regulations of HIPAA can result in monetary punishments and legal trouble.

Aurora can help you navigate these factors and strengthen your security posture. Armed with our Healthcare Cybersecurity expertise, which includes a full suite of security solutions and services, we have the right team and resources to protect your organization. We’ll not only protect your data, but we will make sure your workforce is properly educated on how to securely handle your healthcare-sensitive data.

Key Benefits:

  • Demonstrate and maintain compliance with HIPAA mandates
  • Keep protected health information (PHI) safe
  • Assess risk and meet the risk analysis requirements of HIPAA
  • Educate your employees on handling and safeguarding Protected Health Information

Our security solutions include:

Security Assessments: Obtain a solid understanding of your current security posture, where vulnerabilities exist in your environment, and what additional security controls are needed to address those vulnerabilities and meet your business and compliance requirements.

Security Consulting: Many times, a good amount of your risk can be mitigated with updated administrative controls. We can help you identify where and how these controls can be appropriately updated, and then implement them.

Data Protection: HIPAA/HITECH mandates that only the appropriate people can access (view and/or edit) protected health information (PHI) data. Proper encryption of your structured and unstructured data with the application of the proper access and usage controls is key.

Email and Web Protection: Email and Web browsing are the most commonly used venues of attack. Having the proper protection will significantly reduce your risk exposure. These solutions are available as a cloud service, an on-premise solution, or a hybrid of both.

Mobile Device Management: With the inevitable implementation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), it is imperative that you have some control over how user-owned devices access your network resources, what sensitive information is stored on these devices, and how to respond if a user device is lost, stolen, or upgraded to a new device.

Managed Network and Log Analytics Security Services: When an event occurs, due to an attack or an innocent mistake, you need fast, accurate, and actionable information to respond accordingly and minimize your exposure.

Contact us to assure your organization has no trouble complying with HIPAA.