Identity and Access Management Solutions

      Identity and Access Management Solutions

      Identity and Access Management Solutions ensure that sensitive information and data are only accessed by the right people at the right time. Identity and Access Management (IAM) can prevent access from unwarranted users. Aurora’s team of experts can help implement the right identity and access management solutions for your environment. Our expertise includes:

      Single Sign-On (SSO)

      SSO enables users to access multiple applications securely with the use of one set of credentials, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords. The goal of SSO is to reduce the attack surface in an environment.

      Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

      MFA only grants access to a system if the user is authenticated on multiple devices. Implementing MFA allows for your organization to have a proactive security posture and can prevent security breaches.

      Universal Directory

      Provides a single view of the activity across an organization.

      Identity and Access Management Solutions in the Cloud

      As the cloud is being increasingly adopted, IAM solutions are emerging as an important way to protect data stored both in the cloud and on-premise. IAM ensures that the right person is getting access to the right data at the right time. These solutions can prevent unauthorized access, helping to secure your organization’s front door.

      Using Behavioral Biometrics to Enhance IAM

      Identity and Access Management Solutions typically verify users at one point in time through passwords, fingerprints, or Face ID. Behavioral biometrics eliminates the weaknesses of these traditional authentication methods by focusing on a person’s behavior. DEFEND can authenticate users continuously, throughout the workday. It analyzes the unique micro-patterns in a user’s movement to identify them. Authentication using behavior is a more secure option since it is difficult to fabricate the unique movements of a user.

      This a powerful and non-overlapping addition to existing identity and access management solutions as it can make your existing authentication methods more effective.

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