Identity and Access Management Solutions

      Identity and Access Management Solutions ensure that sensitive information and data are only accessed by the right people at the right time. Identity and Access Management (IAM) can prevent access from unwarranted users. Aurora’s team of experts can help implement the right identity and access management solutions for your environment. Our expertise includes:

      Single Sign-On (SSO)

      SSO enables users to access multiple applications securely with the use of one set of credentials, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords. The goal of SSO is to reduce the attack surface in an environment.

      Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

      MFA only grants access to a system if the user is authenticated on multiple devices. Implementing MFA allows for your organization to have a proactive security posture and can prevent security breaches.

      Universal Directory

      Provides a single view of the activity across an organization.

      Why are Identity and Access Management Solutions Important?

      As cyberattacks have grown to increasingly impact remote workers and office workers alike, assuring the identity of every user that accesses sensitive data is critical. IT departments no longer have the bandwidth to manually track each person who accesses an organization’s sensitive data. Identity and Access Management Solutions automate these tasks to enable access control of corporate assets both on-premise and in the cloud. Implementing an IAM is critical for businesses of all sizes. Even organizations that work with the smallest of IT budgets should consider implementing basic IAM solutions such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to prevent unauthorized access to important data.

      The Benefits of IAM

      Implementing Identity and Access Management Solutions helps reduce your company’s risk of both internal and external data breaches. IAM can make it easier for your organization to enforce policies around user authentication and privileges. When IAM is automated, it allows for organizations to collaborate and share files with customers or partners without compromising security. The IAM tools will alert your administrator of access by unauthorized users so that action can be taken immediately to prevent a potential breach. Having these tools in place helps organizations comply with government and industry regulations. Many industries, including federal government organizations, will require IAM tools to reduce the risk of data loss.

      Identity and Access Management Solutions in the Cloud

      Utilized cloud-based applications are a great way for organizations to share information with partners, customers, manufacturers, and more. Cloud-based file-sharing can pose a cybersecurity risk without the proper solutions in place. As the cloud is being increasingly adopted, IAM solutions are emerging as an important way to protect data stored both in the cloud and on-premise. IAM ensures that the right person is getting access to the right data at the right time. These solutions can prevent unauthorized access, helping to secure your organization’s front door.

      Using Behavioral Biometrics to Enhance IAM

      Identity and Access Management Solutions typically verify users at one point in time through passwords, fingerprints, or Face ID. Behavioral biometrics eliminates the weaknesses of these traditional authentication methods by focusing on a person’s behavior. DEFEND can authenticate users continuously, throughout the workday. It analyzes the unique micro-patterns in a user’s movement to identify them. Authentication using behavior is a more secure option since it is difficult to fabricate the unique movements of a user.

      This a powerful and non-overlapping addition to existing identity and access management solutions as it can make your existing authentication methods more effective. Learn more about DEFEND by visiting https://www.plurilock.com or contact us.

      MFA is Now Required for Federal Agencies

      In May of 2021, an executive order was implemented by US President, Joe Biden that required that all US federal agencies implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) within 180 days of the order. Multi-Factor Authentication is a critical Identity and Access Management solution as it asks users to verify their identity on more than one device. This helps prevent unauthorized access caused by stolen credentials. Stolen credentials are a common thread in many attacks, so implementing MFA to minimize this threat is critical for preventing cyber-attacks.

      Our IAM Offering

      Aurora works with several partners who can help your organization implement identity and access management solutions including Okta, Symantec, CA, RSA Security, Centrify, and Plurilock. Contact us to learn more about the IAM solutions that we offer or see our offering here.