Secure Access Service Edge

      Secure Access Service Edge

      In 2010, the zero-trust framework was coined and has been the leading way that security-conscious organizations base their cybersecurity portfolio. It’s the idea to never trust and always verify. Years later, as we are undergoing a digital transformation in business, organizations demand a framework that accommodates the growth of the cloud, increased customer demand, and increased use of the web. New technologies are emerging to meet these demands. That’s where secure access service edge comes in.

      Introducing SASE

      Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) has emerged as a framework to help modernize networks and security to meet the demands of business today. Secure Access Service edge provides unified security and provides visibility across users. It is critical for security to be unified and highly visible during a time where cloud adoption continues to increase.

      SASE combines software as a service (SaaS) and networking capabilities, taking your security to the next level. It helps facilitate connectivity for users who work remotely, applying and enforcing security policies and capabilities. SASE allows your organization to connect any user from anywhere to your company’s information, securely. See our full webinar introducing SASE here.

      How To Get SASE

      The adoption of SASE continues to grow as the framework blends well with existing security policies. As organizations utilize the cloud, it is becoming more essential. SASE is not one solution and cannot be put in a box. It’s a combination of several solutions, working together, to provide well rounded security across your environment. Your organization may already have many of SASE’s key components:

      Secure Web Gateway

      Data Loss Prevention

      Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

      Zero Trust Network Access

      SSL Inspection

      Web Isolation

      Contact us to learn more about your next steps towards implementing a SASE framework.