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Aurora, is an information security provider dedicated to helping organizations achieve data security and risk-management success providing security products and services and other Public Sector IT Support Services to SLED Government Agencies. Our unique business structure combined with our strong contract management and extensive technical background has enabled us to provide IT equipment and value added services along with the best-qualified sales and technical support at the most competitive prices in the business today.

Aurora’s dedicated Public Sector team is focused on providing security and IT infrastructure solutions for the successful deployment of our Government and Education customer’s initiatives in Security, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Green IT, Classrooms/Learning and more.

Aurora maintains numerous State, Local and Federal contracts. These can be used as purchasing vehicles for public and education institutions, including:


California Multiple Awards Schedule (CMAS) – AJ
Contract Number: 3-18-70-1670AJ
Term: 10/17/2018 Through 06/26/2027
Manufacturers: Brocade,Checkpoint,EMC,Forcepoint,HPE,McAfee,Proofpoint,RSA,Symantec


California Multiple Awards Schedule (CMAS) – AN
Contract Number: 3-19-70-1670AN
Term: 5/21/2019 Through 12/14/2022
Manufacturers: Sierra Wireless

California Multiple Awards Schedule (CMAS) – AP
Contract Number: 3-19-70-1670AP
Term: 11/22/2019 Through 9/26/2024
Manufacturers: Acer, Aten, B&B Smartworx, Belkin, C2G, Canon, Check Point Software, ENET Solutions, Erwin, Fujitsu Mobility, Getac, HPE, HPI, IXIA, LG, Lifesize, Lexmark, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, Mellanox, Panasonic, Pivot3, Plantronics, Quantum, Samsung, Seagate, Tripp Lite, Watchguard, Xerox, Zyxel

Software Licensing Program (SLP) – Computer Associates
Contract Number: SLP-19-70-0033S
Term: 11/05/2019 Through 11/05/2022

Software Licensing Program (SLP) – Earthsoft
Contract Number: SLP-19-70-0033R
Term: 3/25/2019 Through 9/30/2022

Software Licensing Program (SLP) – Tenable
Contract Number: SLP-20-70-0033T
Term: 5/12/2020 Through 4/30/2023

Software Licensing Program (SLP) – Symantec
Contract Number: SLP-21-70-0033U
Term: 9/1/2021 Through 9/1/2024

Software Licensing Program (SLP+) – VMware
Contract Number: 9-21-70-0034A
Term: 01/13/2021 Through 08/31/2023

Software Licensing Program (SLP) – iBoss
Contract Number: SLP-21-70-0033V
Term: 10/25/2021 Through 10/25/2024

MidWestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) – HPE
Contract Number: MHEC-10012015
Term: 6/1/2015 Through 6/30/2022

• Symantec
• Tenable
• CA Technologies

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