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      ITAR Compliance

      Data Security Best Practices for EAR Compliance

      Data Security Best Practices for EAR Compliance EAR Compliance is very similar to ITAR Compliance. However, while ITAR covers military items or defense related technical data, EAR Regulates items designed for commercial purpose which could have military applications such as computers or software (Dual Use). Logically, this includes technical data as well as other information…

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      Aurora Releases ITAR Compliance Best Practices White Paper for Data Security

      Aurora has released a comprehensive white paper on ITAR Compliance Best Pratices for Data Security. As ITAR Compliance becomes further intertwined with the IT world, it is important to understand how to keep your organization protected and compliant with ITAR guidelines to avoid costly breaches and penalties. Stay in the know with Aurora’s ITAR Compliance…

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      Data Security Best Practices for ITAR Compliance

      What can organizations do to protect data with regards to ITAR compliance? We listed a short, summarized list below that can help organizations with ITAR compliance through some data security best-practices. It is important to understand that data security is not an end result, but a continuous journey in protecting your information assets. We implement…

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