Vulnerability Management in a Post-Pandemic World

      Have you updated your vulnerability management process to accommodate for our increasingly cloud-based workforce?

      Our experts will help you shrink the attack surface in your environment, whether on-prem or in the cloud by improving your vulnerability management process.

      We’ve created this Vulnerability Management Whitepaper to outline the steps that your organization can take to better manage the vulnerabilities facing your environment.

      Download our vulnerability management whitepaper to learn more about how your vulnerability management process should evolve to protect your organization from new vulnerabilities.

      Problems We Address:

      • Your attack surface likely grows every day as your applications and software required updates
      • The rise of sophisticated cybersecurity attacks targeting new vulnerabilities
      • How we scan for vulnerabilities in the cloud

      What is Vulnerability Management?

      Vulnerability management is the practice of timely, efficiently, and effectively remediating technical vulnerabilities on information systems, applications, equipment, and devices to preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of valuable information.

      Vulnerability management implemented with other security tactics helps organizations minimize their “attack surface” and prioritize possible threats. The vulnerability management process must be run continuously to mitigate risks as they arise. Changes are being made to systems daily, therefore, new vulnerabilities can be introduced at any time. Implementing a vulnerability management process that scans for vulnerabilities is critical in a post-pandemic world.

      Cybersecurity in a Post-Pandemic World

      The pandemic has had dramatic effects on cybersecurity. The shift to working remotely has accelerated the move to the cloud. Cyber-attacks have grown more sophisticated, frequent, and costly. Implementing a strong Vulnerability Management process has always been critical for every organization. As we embrace the digital transformation that has been accelerated by the pandemic, expanding vulnerability management and extending it to the cloud is essential.

      About Us:

      Aurora is a California based cybersecurity consulting company that has vulnerability management experts on staff to help guide you through your vulnerability management lifecycle. We can perform services on Tenable and Rapid7 platforms to help manage your existing vulnerability management process.

      We have been helping security-conscious organizations support their business-critical applications since 1990. Our team of security experts helps our clients navigate the complex challenges of cybersecurity.

      The vulnerability management process is just one important part of your organization’s cybersecurity strategy. Aurora’s experts can conduct a gap analysis to see where the gaps in your security portfolio exist and recommend solutions to fill those gaps. We have strong partnerships and an expansive list of solutions that can be implemented to improve your cybersecurity posture. See our security assessment offering here and our full solution offering here.

      Meet the security demands of today. Learn how Aurora’s experts can help you shrink the attack surface in your environment by downloading our Vulnerability Management Whitepaper.

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