Web Security Solution

      Web Security Solution

      Organizations are utilizing the web now more than ever before. The web has also become increasingly dynamic. Unfortunately, the web is becoming a more dangerous place to navigate. Cyber-attacks continue to be more sophisticated and are released every day. Web gateways are a way to defend yourself and your organization against malware threats and other types of attacks that come with using the web. Aurora can provide your team with a Web Security Solution from a variety of vendors to meet your specific needs.

      Web Gateway

      Web gateways provide organizations with secure internet access while also reducing risk. This is done through an advanced security approach that combines local intent analysis with cloud-based protection. Web gateways can be used as a barrier that keeps unauthorized traffic from entering your organizations network. The gateway stands between all incoming and outgoing data. It only allows users to access approved and secure websites, blocking websites that do not fit this criterion. Web gateways are important since cybercriminals have been increasingly sophisticated in putting threats in websites that seem innocuous or professional looking.
      Some fake websites requesting malicious information look so professional that they convince people to put in credit card numbers and personal identification numbers such as social security numbers. For some sites, simply your connection to the site allows them to access that kind of personal information. When you use a secure web gateway, restricted data is blocked from leaving the site of organization.
      The tool checks website URL addresses against a list of websites that are known to be approved. Websites that are not on that list or are known to be suspicious will be blocked. The web gateway will apply these filters to all incoming and outgoing traffic.
      Web gateway enforces an organizations internet use policy by analyzing the nature and intent of all content and active code entering the network via the requested web pages. In doing so, it provides immediate protection against malware and other threats that are hidden. They also examine secure sockets layer traffic to provide protection against malicious or control applications that are hidden through encryption.
      Many organizations utilize cloud-based software-as-a-service web gateways as they can be more flexible and less costly to deploy and maintain. The two types of solutions: on-premise and cloud, can be combined to accommodate for both remote and traveling workers. These solutions can assure that all data that is sent is compliant with the organizations security policy rules. When these security solutions are in effect, no unauthorized data is being sent and no malicious data is accepted.

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